Wednesday, April 29, 2009

burning down the house.

i tried to burn them down.  yes.. the chickens. they haven't even made it "home" yet to the coop and i am already trying to kill them.    

you see they have this heat lamp.. and i'm thinking that they are getting spoiled with the heat since they will be outside in a matter of days (hopefully) and so i took the heat lamp and moved it so it was half in and half out of the black plastic cow tank they are in.

did you catch that?  plastic.. yah.. brilliant.

i'm smelling something weird. and i'm thinking something is on fire, so search party dispatches and yes.. it was to be expected. if you hang a heat lamp inches over the black plastic cow tank.. it will melt and create a stench.

so i still get to kill them.. just not by accident.


Unknown said...

oh! hAHAHHAHA! Thanks for the laugh!

B said...

I am so sorry if I'm not suppose to laugh at your recent almost tragedy, but I am. Out loud and LOUD.

kelly said...

laugh away, no harm done.. well.. at least to nothing but my pride and cow tank.