Sunday, June 28, 2009

dodge'em and smile.

there was a simplicity that said

stay a while
slow down
enjoy the happy day

it was almost as if we rented the whole entire park to ourselves.
the kids ran around, selecting the rides that suited their personal fear limit by themselves

something created in the 50's still standing bringing families together is almost unheard of.
but if that "something" is founded on something eternal, why should it surprise any of us??

love for family.
love for our spouse.
love for our kids.

the thought makes me smile. and so did crashing into my kids doing mock ten in one of those "dodge'em cars".

Thursday, June 18, 2009


we have chickens right? we were a bit wet behind the ears when it came to them so when we started out we bought 20. then, a few weeks later we bought 15 more, which the cats promptly ate thanks to an open door... but then we purchased 20 more, we call these the "babies"

well, the babies were moved outside last night into the "big coop." it was interesting to me. we first had them split so they wouldn't get pecked to death by the big ones. slowly however the big ones were finding the "babies" and making sure the "babies" knew they were bigger.

then something interesting happened when we started putting the big ones away for the night.

the "babies" started to eat and relax. they acted like they were starving.

made me wonder if the "big chicken believers" got out of the way of the "baby chicken believers" in the church... the "baby believers" would be able to relax and start eating and devouring the Word and grow to be big and strong, without the "big believers" showing them that they are superior.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

he loves ME!

We are standing there on the second day of a very romantic surprise excursion my lead singer took me on for our 14th wedding anniversary.

he loves me.
despite my fatal flaws of being flippant and forgetful

he loves me.
regardless of my mood.

he loves me.
and i couldn't ask for a better man to love me.

on a less mushier note...
i scored a great glass canister at a local antique shop AND a great cookbook.
and have officially decided that i love wine tasting, trolley rides, and round beds.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Top Ten Thoughts on Tuesday

1/2. i love my pink boots.
1. Today is not the day for more bad/sad news. Not sure my heart can handle it.
2. it's the eve of my 14th wedding anniversary and because of that i want to tell you that
3. i love him more today than i did meeting him at that alter.
4. i hate dogs in my house.
5. i have a very very very weedy garden.
6. started a new book last night. i'm going to love it.. maybe.
9. being ticked off is a great motivator.
10. in approximately 24 hours i may or may not be whisked away for a 2 night 3 day vacation with my husband that he planned and i have no details about... depends on the health of my aunt...
and #11. because i can. (have issues with that?.. get you own blog). i want to spend more nights around the campfire.. laughing and giggling. can i rename it happy hills??

have another happy tuesday!! love you love love love you all!!

Monday, June 8, 2009


the reality of following God is that it's not always easy. and sometimes maybe God gives you that thorn in your flesh to keep you close to Him. He's not going to remove it, because you need it. 

i have a thorn, and i still pray for God to remove it, almost every day. I guess deep down that's why i don't want to go anymore. i know it's here to stay, so i learned to live with it, and let me tell you it's no fun to have that thorn twisted and you have to humble yourself and run back to God and lean on Him for every thought and action. 

i know God will give me peace in that place, but i'm not so sure he will remove the thorn for that peace to happen, but i pray that the sting of the thorn will grow less and less, so maybe one day, one beautiful day i won't be needing it anymore to be reminded to run back to my God. 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

creating clean

it rained all day today.  i love rain. it makes me think of things to create inside.  but today the only thing i got to create was a clean room. my "office space" was being over run with fabric and creative thoughts left on the floor.  so i took today to revamp it a little.
love that i can see all the potential possibilities now instead of digging in boxes.  
it just makes me happy.