Monday, February 22, 2010

perfect your squeal.

i give you permission.
you can.. no ones looking..

you can squeal, gasp, dance a jig, or pick up your jaw off the floor
any of those actions are perfectly appropriate.
pick one or like me just pick them all.

have you EVER seen such a thing?
oh my, pure beauty and fun and perfect for...

holding both my february creations
(member my new years goal to do/make a creation every month?)
these strips will eventually be a quilt.

hands down.. i have the BEST mommy in all mommyland.
someday i wanna be JUST like her.
she's perfect.
and she knows me.
and what i love.
so when she spotted this in an antique store..
she just HAD to get it.

i'm pretty sure i'm going to gush all over this baby for a while.. it's just soooo perfect.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

redeeming the day.

i started the lovely coffee pot this morning and walked away. only to come back for a cup of joe.. off the floor, off the counter.. ugh. didn't put the pot all the way in. i HATE that. i choose to snap a picture for you.. and then clean it up.

at the computer, trying to help you realize that i'm normal by uploading the picture.. only to find out that the SD card was broken, so my lovely proof that i'm normal is locked up inside. yeah for me!

so then i'm bringing the world changers to school. only to find out that the oldest had forgotten his "everything" notebook. so we drove the 7 miles home and then back 7 miles to school.

what a lovely day.

so i'm sitting at the library and i'm knee deep in studying james with a lady outta of texas that i'm absolutly adoring.. and the thought crosses my mind that maybe some of you ladies would like to listen and digg deep with me into this study. so, i'm going out on a limb and offering you a little bible study.. i'd like to know if your with me, but that's entirely up to you. God knows what you be needing, and for some reason.. i'm hoping and praying that by offering you this link.. i'm redeeming my horrible morning moments into something beautiful.

here's the link....and then right next to it is the weekly homework... you'll want that. the study on james is called faithworks... cuz your gunna want to know that too.

have a blessed day folks! ~ oh and thanks mr. plowman.. whoever you are. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

lotsa giggles.

had happyday today at my wonderful daycare with all the boys + one princess. as always it was full of smiles and giggles. we chose hearts to put on our necklaces.

we made gummy candy... which in all honesty is WAY better when you use red jello than old orange jello. if your hankering to try this you can find the directions at easy fun school it really is easy and sooooo yummy. just use the RED jello.. forget the orange, specially if it's oldish.

oh, and then we shaker egged out with hap palmer.. i love to see the "tough" guys succumb to "childish" behavior.. it's so refreshing.

Monday, February 8, 2010

a perfectly happy snow day!

12 inches of snow. means you get to live in a snow globe.

make a pie and eat the whole thing

laundry of course

play some legos

get some mac time in

and more mac time

and again.. more mac time.

and find things that need you.
(that's my lost camera..!! there in the green case.. under alllll
that glorious fabric.. oh ya. happyday!!!!!)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Misplaced...not lost.

it's not that i hate wearing my wedding ring, which has been misplaced many many times, or the precious necklace that my dad gave me on a cruise a few years back (which i JUST found! under my bed along with other quite random pieces of jewelry.) and those headphones that i misplaced before Christmas.. well, that really wasn't a big huge deal either. they all eventually showed up.

this is different.. cuz everyday i use my camera like i'm talking.. everyday. but who knows where it is now?? i know i had it. and where i had it last. heck, i even know what picture i took last.. it's just that it's not where i think it should be.

so i misplace things.. so what.

it's just that this time it's my camera.. have you seen it? it's in this funky little green it's safe, but i miss it. you prolly miss it too cuz your not getting to see how beautiful the snow is outside my window, the world changers, or even the lead singer...yeah you miss it. don't lie.

it makes my day that much happier when i find things i misplaced, it's like having something new again in my life! and that makes me happy.

i'd just like to be happy now.. with my camera.. so camera, if you can hear me.. i love you.. so please come home.. i promise i won't be mad at you.. promise.

Monday, February 1, 2010

HAPPY February!!

whew! i was starting to think i was never going to make it. i adore winter, but for some reason January just seems like one of those months that just never freaking ends. and everyone knows that Feb is the shortest month.. which means the snow will be melting very soon.. um, right...after.. i'm sure the 3 inches that we are getting as a type.... melts.. oh winter will you ever end?

as a testament to how crazy January makes me.. here's another little ditty for you to giggle at.

about 3 days ago i looked at my license and was thinking holy moley i have to renew by Feb 6th!.. goodness knows that i would NEVER pass that test.. again.. so, i head to our county court house.. plop my purse on the counter, and say "WOW, i almost didn't make that one!" and handed the sweet lady my license to start the process of renewal.

"um... you have till December 2010."

*smile sweet, hang tail between the legs.. grab license and walk quickly out. i'm so brilliant.

fed my embarrassment with a trip to the coffee spot in town.

on another note. i completely forgot to wish Another Happy Day a rousing birthday shout out! .. can i blame it on January?