Sunday, February 7, 2010

Misplaced...not lost.

it's not that i hate wearing my wedding ring, which has been misplaced many many times, or the precious necklace that my dad gave me on a cruise a few years back (which i JUST found! under my bed along with other quite random pieces of jewelry.) and those headphones that i misplaced before Christmas.. well, that really wasn't a big huge deal either. they all eventually showed up.

this is different.. cuz everyday i use my camera like i'm talking.. everyday. but who knows where it is now?? i know i had it. and where i had it last. heck, i even know what picture i took last.. it's just that it's not where i think it should be.

so i misplace things.. so what.

it's just that this time it's my camera.. have you seen it? it's in this funky little green it's safe, but i miss it. you prolly miss it too cuz your not getting to see how beautiful the snow is outside my window, the world changers, or even the lead singer...yeah you miss it. don't lie.

it makes my day that much happier when i find things i misplaced, it's like having something new again in my life! and that makes me happy.

i'd just like to be happy now.. with my camera.. so camera, if you can hear me.. i love you.. so please come home.. i promise i won't be mad at you.. promise.


Robin Thompson said...

Have you looked in the van? :) It'll show up...I know it! I pray you find it cuz I know how important it is in your life.

kelly said...

HA! your prayers worked!! WHOOHOOO!!