Thursday, October 13, 2011

it's a yummy cupcake day!

Today, I made cupcakes and I love them. 

I got the recipe via pinterest, if you haven't started pinning yet... well, your getting more sleep than those who have. It's seriously the best thing ever for us visual folks. If your so inclined hop on over to via the linky and make a batch yourself. They whip up fast, and if you get 'em done before your world changers get off the bus.. you can even lick the frosting bowl. Go ahead, I won't tell.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

HapPyDay Creations.

Time ticks away silently as I labor over the vision that He has laid on my heart.

Over and over again, He and I connect through the process called creating. Him, loving me through the words and wishes of patrons that frequently stop on by. Me, honing my skills by repeating over and over again things I know. Together we dance. 

We commune on a level I'm not sure I even understand. Tears frequent my eyes, as I pour out my heart.. and God whispers to my very soul.  A whisper that is so sweet to my ears that I seldom believe it. A whisper that echos into those deep seeded lies, grabbing whats left of the roots and hurling them out. Together, we plant good seed. Happy seeds.

For those who read the words and see the beauty understand. It's from Him. It's His work. I am extremely grateful that those that join this journey with me and encourage my steps by purchasing the something that has touched their heart... God and  I we love seeing you have more and more HapPyDaYs.  With the very breath that He gave me... I can't thank you enough. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

ahhh Italy!

Are you thinking like I am that this was the never ending vacation? Seems like I've been tell you about it now forever. Regardless.. lets move on to the most fantastic day for views yet. If I would have googled anything about this day, I would have known what I was in for, but once again, brother-in-law "Rick Steve" came to the rescue and did the research, hired a private driver and off we went.... 

to the Almafi coast in Italy.   Stunning in EVERY way possible. 

Cities built into the mountains, makes me wonder how they did that a lot. 

This is the first view of the city of Sorrento.. a deep valley right across the street from the parking garage.  Here we shopped a little, but could have stayed the whole darn day. The weather was amazing and the shops were all unique and interesting. 

 Then after an hour or so we went further on to the city of Positano. 

Tourist town of course, but it was just a darling little busy town.

In hindsight, I would have stripped down and dove in.. golly it was just beautiful to be standing the Mediterranean Sea with the man of my dreams.

Our driver then took us to a local place to eat. A place where the food came right off the land. I know here we can do that too, but to just partake in the goodness and not worry about the other stuff that comes with growing and preparing your own food, left me feeling very spoiled.

Here's the crew looking out right before we entered the restaurant.

Homemade mozzarella and tomatoes picked just moments before we devoured them.

If you ever get a chance... go there. Thats all I'm saying. 

Being in the mountains, tunnels were very much a part of life. I think this one lasted 3 miles.. Kinda freaky if you ask me. 

Then, onto Pompei. 

Buried under the ash of Mt Vesuvius, Pompei was just blowing my mind. So much to think about while walking the streets of the city of 20,000 that once had so much to offer whoever visited.  

Here's our guide, and the Lead Singer demonstrating how the people would cross the streets when it rained. Do you see the elevated rocks? I don't have the picture, mainly because it was daylight, but they inlayed bright reflective stones on the street, so that the lanterns from the chariots would reflect the street so that they could see the road. To say the people of Pompei were great builders is a vast understatement.

They even had spas, and what's weird is that it actually felt like a spa we'd have today.

If you haven't researched Pompeii, this might actually intrigue you.  The person above was filled full of plaster type material when found, and a body emerged in the exact position of death, same with the following image.

One last shot of the mountain that cause the fall of Pompeii, and it was back to the boat.

Where we had formal night. 

we almost made it home....

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rome... take two.

I was just another tourist looking at Rome through the little view finder on my camera. 

Amazed that all this was built by ancient folks who apparently 
had knowledge far beyond what we give them credit for.

It was a folk who loved big.. the bigger the better. 

A proud folk who relied on themselves and the grandness of what they created.

Art so well done that it stands for years. A tribute to the gods of Rome.

Mighty cathedrals built for a god they served. 

Places where they gathered becoming just another view through the view finder.

Rome, I loved you, but I didn't love what you served. 

 My good friend Paul wrote you a letter, I wish more of you would have read it. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

meanwhile back in Rome..

It's true. What they say about seeing Rome in a day. It's impossible. Tourist are herded in and out of ancient ruins and beautiful art all awhile capturing images that just don't ever do the enormity of the city any justice. There are people everywhere. When you comment the locals say.."that's just how Rome is." 

I lack so much knowledge about Rome, that irritated me the whole day. If only history was taught creatively.. I might have caught it. You can tell by the images that it was a whirl wind day, but I'd go back in a heart beat. Rome is amaxing. 

standing in ROME! It's hard to really grasp that! 

It was just all so big and beautiful... art.

This is the ticket that let us have a fast forward into the next place... I have never seen so many people in one spot in one line.. That ticket was a total gift from my brother in law. who we affectionately called Rick Steve.. it pays to do you homework! 

and this next place was the Colosseum.... such a strange feeling to know your standing in the same place that many Christians died for their faith.. by FAR the best experience in Rome. Here's a few more images... 

The line we waited in to get into the Basilica. It was HOT. 

once in.. it was full of people and religion. 

What fun to be standing on the Appian Way. I'd like to be there today and not doing this...

ok, enough stalling.. have a Happyday!!!