Monday, February 22, 2010

perfect your squeal.

i give you permission.
you can.. no ones looking..

you can squeal, gasp, dance a jig, or pick up your jaw off the floor
any of those actions are perfectly appropriate.
pick one or like me just pick them all.

have you EVER seen such a thing?
oh my, pure beauty and fun and perfect for...

holding both my february creations
(member my new years goal to do/make a creation every month?)
these strips will eventually be a quilt.

hands down.. i have the BEST mommy in all mommyland.
someday i wanna be JUST like her.
she's perfect.
and she knows me.
and what i love.
so when she spotted this in an antique store..
she just HAD to get it.

i'm pretty sure i'm going to gush all over this baby for a while.. it's just soooo perfect.

1 comment:

Karrie said...

i squealed too!