Thursday, June 18, 2009


we have chickens right? we were a bit wet behind the ears when it came to them so when we started out we bought 20. then, a few weeks later we bought 15 more, which the cats promptly ate thanks to an open door... but then we purchased 20 more, we call these the "babies"

well, the babies were moved outside last night into the "big coop." it was interesting to me. we first had them split so they wouldn't get pecked to death by the big ones. slowly however the big ones were finding the "babies" and making sure the "babies" knew they were bigger.

then something interesting happened when we started putting the big ones away for the night.

the "babies" started to eat and relax. they acted like they were starving.

made me wonder if the "big chicken believers" got out of the way of the "baby chicken believers" in the church... the "baby believers" would be able to relax and start eating and devouring the Word and grow to be big and strong, without the "big believers" showing them that they are superior.

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SO Stinking MUCH!!!!!!