Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Top Ten Thoughts on Tuesday

1/2. i love my pink boots.
1. Today is not the day for more bad/sad news. Not sure my heart can handle it.
2. it's the eve of my 14th wedding anniversary and because of that i want to tell you that
3. i love him more today than i did meeting him at that alter.
4. i hate dogs in my house.
5. i have a very very very weedy garden.
6. started a new book last night. i'm going to love it.. maybe.
9. being ticked off is a great motivator.
10. in approximately 24 hours i may or may not be whisked away for a 2 night 3 day vacation with my husband that he planned and i have no details about... depends on the health of my aunt...
and #11. because i can. (have issues with that?.. get you own blog). i want to spend more nights around the campfire.. laughing and giggling. can i rename it happy hills??

have another happy tuesday!! love you love love love you all!!

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