Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dear Someone,

My initial thought was nooooooooo way am I ever going to paint that. Nope. Nope. Nope. Not only did I not know how to paint it well, but who in their right mind would want to buy it if I DID paint it. The colors are blah, and it looks rather easy when you scrutinize it. and it's not very "happy" when you look at it.. and.. and... and.... and I also knew not everyone who sees the final product wouldn't get it.. and then I'd be labeled a "weirdo". (Which makes me giggle slightly to myself.  I'm not sure when that switch of having people care what I create turned to "on," but I'm trying to fight that current and turn it "off.") So, in an effort to become bolder in my walk, and more confident in what Jesus calls me to create.... I will share. Not for you to look at me with glimpses of "oh my goodness she's dumb, or wow Kelly, you are becoming mystical." I don't care about that. I was told to share.. so I will.

***enter shaking knees here****   

ok, deep breaths.. I'm ok... really... 

Dear Someone, 

You need to know that He really cares for you and He really loves you and He wants you to know that there are people fighting tooth and nail for you to be released from the darkness that surrounds you. To give you hope. People are pouring their prayers out for you moment by moment so that you can be free. 

...and when the freedom from the darkness comes... your picture changes meanings.. From a saving prayer to a personal prayer for your own soul.

Moment by moment you will need to cry out and claw through the internal darkness that resides inside your soul and reach toward the Light. The Light that heals. Have courage, and know that Jesus loves you through everything. 

I'm in tears writing this to you, Someone. There is hope, fight for it.   I pray that you have enough courage to come forward and claim your picture. It's yours. 



Karmen M. said...

Mine. So mine!

kelly said...

I think you are the Someone perfect little lady. be blessed.. it was an honor to make it for you. ;)