Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Just be with me, No plans, no agendas. Just Be. I'll show you secrets hidden that only are for you. I'll bless you and guide you.  Just sit here and be.  There's a river of joy, peace, patience, kindness  that you can swim in, relax in, Be in. Just Be. 

Being with someone takes emotional currency. 
Being for someone means you have an opinions. 
Being by someone means you have to think about social behaviors. 
Being still- well that encompasses all your thoughts, actions, 
body movement, physical posture, difficult to say the least. 

One must train themselves to be still, it does not happen overnight.  
The struggle comes when an outside force forces action. 
 Your environment is essential, 
but not necessary- yes, in the beginning- but not forever. 
It's a learned process- to be. 

The exciting thing is that there are different levels of be. 
One must strip off each level like a bandaid and learn to live there, 
all the while finding another level. 

The skill of be is at it's best
 when you can be in a crowded room or even standing outside in the cold, and have a still heart.  Focused on the One that matters. 
Drawing His sweet scent in and letting that aroma become you. 

 "Be still and know that I am God." 
Psalm 46:10

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