Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hmmm.... out loud processing... sorry

so i go to bible study today.. brand new one for a beth moore one.. i was soo excited. love beth moore... 

i get there.

and go to my room.

oh my goodness.. i forgot my coffee... 

go back out in the lobby area.. then i notice something

2 ladies.. going down the hall.

young ladies.. possible late 20s?... trendy and fun looking.. i was drawn to them.

so i ask the lady in charge  " did you split all the younger ladies and the older ladies?"

she said "yep"


i'm an older lady.


When we first started going to our church i was the youngest by at least 8 years. infact, i know the day that another younger mother started to attend.  that was a sad day.

WHEN did i get sooo hung up with age?  

i should embrace it.... because with age, comes wisdom.. if you ask for it and seek it.

oh man... PLEAZE let me be a wise woman someday...  

but lets not rush the "old" part... 


A Team said...

I think you are wise! Not old! I wish I had gone to that bible study, I had planned to but OH so early!!! There are younger moms there, now I def should have gone!

Unknown said...

But you must be one of the younger older ladies, right? It is so weird when these things happen. I am still 25 in my head...