Friday, March 13, 2009


i'm sure you don't think about it very often.. i didn't.. and still not sure yet if i will on a regular basis..

however, life being what it has been for a while now.. 

i've been re-reminded about WHO actually did crucify my Jesus.

it's not who you would think at first.. 
people. right? 
satan himself.  
but few.. ever take it back to

God allowed that to happen.. all of it.. 
HE orchestrated it all.  
He knew all the people involved. 
Knew the words, and the actions that took place..
it was God.

Hard to swallow for sure, but necessary to understand that in order to become what God wants me to become.. I need to follow in Jesus' example of being lead to my own crucifixion. 
 Trusting the Orchestrater to strip me to nothing to become the something that can be used by Him.

it will hurt.
it will stink.
it will be horrible.

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Unknown said...

yes, being crucified in Christ is often painful, depending on what we are holding tightly to. It is also freeing!