Monday, March 23, 2009


i had a thought this morning... and it started out little as most thoughts do. but then it just kept going and going.. 

a couple of years ago i was invited to take part in a mission trip to Columbia. to help in a children's home.  going with nobody i knew... it was an adventure for sure!  

so.. it started like this... 

i wonder what's going on in africa this morning?. (random in know.. but i have friends over there right now..)
oh i love to travel.
i would love to go to africa.
i love mission trips.
i would have never gotten to go on my mission trip if it weren't for this lady at our church..
who the MORNING the money was due, wrote me a check for the exact amount i needed to go.
she is an incredible woman of God.. 
so that got me thinking... do i listen to the Spirit when i hear it?

if i DO listen... i get to have a chance to help change a life.. or a few.. 

if i DO NOT listen.. i miss an incredible opportunity to grow in a deeper relationship with the Creator.. and bless a bro or sis... 

 be a "DO".... simple.

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Unknown said...

Sometimes I "DO"...Sometimes I "DO NOT". I often question whether it is the Spirit or just me.