Friday, November 20, 2009

this is NOT about you.

i'm not a hard woman to understand.

feed me at least one sweet a day, protect me from me, and laugh at me when i make stupid comments, oh and take me on vacations at least twice a year, and make sure you don't talk on the phone in the car, understand that i hate TV at any time of the day, let me go shopping with my sista's and my mom, buy me new clothes once in a while, entertain me when i'm talking about adopting siblings, know that a day at a library, book store, or fabric shop is like heaven, don't tell me i can't do anything, give me at least two choices, and don't eat anything in "my room", understand that i am horrible at details, and boring conversations make me sleepy. and most of all.. please remember that i can change my moods, feelings and plans on a dime and i expect to be accommodated on that. oh and i'd REALLY like the dustpan to stay with the broom.

see i'm pretty simple.

1 comment:

Lead Singer said...

So we go 50/50 on some of those comments. I know you are not a hard woman to understand. What i do know is you are a woman that I love deeply and that i care for unconditionally.