Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21, 1999

Wow, your three years old. i can hardly believe it. times flies. let me tell you what you did today.

you woke at 6:17 am and asked me if you could take your birthday to church with you. i tried to get to say you were now three instead of two, but you kept saying three o'clock. it was so cute.

we went to grandma and grandpa's for dinner. aunt mary and uncle george, great grandpa and grandma spoon, great grandma fork, grandpa and grandma g, auntie robin, and auntie lori were there. it was really cute. we had scalloped potatoes, salad, and bread. i made a sunshine cake for you (cause you are my sunshine:) you hardly ate any food, but you did eat a rather large piece of cake.

you then opened tons of gifts. including clothes, a play store, train track, money, books, and a manga doodle. we had a great time just hanging out afterwards with everyone.

you didn't nap. you napped in the car on our way to church for choir rehearsal. you cried when we tried to leave you in the nursery.. so i kept you. you almost slept the whole time- until the end.

it was a great day! i'm so proud of you! what a blessing you have been.

love always,

*can i encourage you to write a bit every now and then in a book to your children.. you think you never forget.. this world changer is 13 today. more on that party later..............

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