Friday, November 6, 2009

kelly's gone..

this blog has been taken over by an alien.. really.. kelly didn't write the below stuff.. really.. she would never tell it like she sees it.. never. it's totally uncharacteristic of her... really..

i'm not really one to complain about almost anything. really. you may think i complain, but i really don't.. check your memory.. but tonight.. after sitting with a few thousand? woman.. i really want to scream.. "HEY LET'S QUIT THE MAN BASHING!!!" it wasn't totally out of line.. really with all those women the one way to really get a giggle and a knowing nod is to mention how men are soooooo different from us.. so really it does have it's place.. i'm sure??... but after every single person said something negative.. i felt like.. um.. we are believers in God.. who are set apart.. supposed to ACT and BEHAVE different from the world.. and after all is said and done... i felt like i hadn't really worshiped the God who gave me a great and awesome lead singer.. i laughed at a God who created something so different.... and we'll i just felt like the "putter togethers" of this night could have really done a better job at lifting our eyes to the God that created those men completely different from us... and celebrate that.. cause i for one loooooooove that.

whew.. i'm done now.. off the soap box. if i get a chance i'll update tomorrow. there is a whole bunch of things i gotta learn about being a better mommy, and wife... oh and just in case you have seen the list of workshops.. i'm sooooo not stepping into the "what not to wear" one....and that will make my older sister and mom very sad.

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