Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Top Ten Thoughts on Tuesday

1. hairstylist's that let me read while i get a color and cut are hard to find. most have a need to gab gab gab. i'm glad your not one of them. 

2. do you call a book about child abuse "good?" and recommend it to patrons?

3. my middle world changer changes clothes every 10 minutes from the time she comes home on the bus till she closes her eyes for the night.

4. movie watching should be reserved for weekends or when your family is in bed.

5. rain while the sun is shining is like real whipped cream on strawberry shortcake.

6. if i volunteer for something please make it a "win" for me by telling me what the heck is going on.

7. if you lead something and a person offers to help.. do you BEST work to try to keep that person. it's more difficult to recruit and train newbies than keep the willing and able. 

8. i see weeds in my garden and chickens in the coop.. and that makes me happy.

9. finishing something that you dragged your feet finishing has a bittersweet taste.

10. if church is something you go to.. you are really not "getting it"... and that bugs me.

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