Friday, May 1, 2009

there and back again.

i HAD them out.. they tasted a tad bit of freedom. 

all safe inside their 6 ft tall fence and all.

then the cat jumped over and in.

and i went a hollering outside in my socks. 

grabbed that cat off the fence post. had a fleeting thought of wringing it's neck, but dropped kicked him into the next county instead. (i DO have a heart.)

fixed that "hole"

decided i'd better wear shoes.

no sooner had i gotten in the house

then another cat jumped in..

good thing i put on  my pink crocs.

hollering i go... the cat jumps IN the pen...

so i scale the 6ft cow fence.

(wait... pleeeeease don't miss that.

that's a 6ft cow fence i scaled in pink crocs.)

i chase the cat around and then watch as that cat

hopped skipped and jumped it's way to freedom.. over the fence.

grabbed the cat carrier. shoved the chickens all in, and transported safely back to the cow tank.

i think i'll try later.. when i have a gun.

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