Friday, May 22, 2009

the last day of quiet..

this is the last day i'm getting alone before the world changer's day job is over.  i will miss the empty house and the quiet. however, i'm so excited to start spending the afternoons at the pool, and late night spur of the moment campfires and late night company under the lights in the backyard.

summer lasts WAY to short here in the corn fields. so we are going to make it the best summer ever and here's how.

1. we will entertain the gau's from the great land of OR 
2. chickens.. if they aren't all eaten by the resident felines.
3. headed to Kansas for some loooooong over due hellos.
4. camp at the neighbors.
5. dance in the neighbors shed 
6. swim at the neighbors.
7. do one art project under the stars a month 
8. summer reading at the library
9. help my middle to sew a quilt
10. repair a dresser that needs it
11. surprise trip from my hubby for our anniversary.

ohhh sweet summer.. please go slow. 


ZooMama said...

I want to spend summer with you.

Janelle said...

If it is a suprise trip how do you Know about it??

hey there! said...

i know the dates.. but not the place ...