Tuesday, May 26, 2009

am i happy you ask?


i use it all the time.

but it's not just how i'm feeling

it's more of a state of mind

most of the time i choose to be happy.

i choose to be happy when my kids don't do a darn thing around the house.
i choose to be happy when i can't find a place in my heart for those silly cats.
i choose to be happy when i really don't like anyone i'm living with.

happy is a choice.
a daily.. moment by moment choice.
that i choose to make.

because i could so be crabby.. but who wants to be like 90% of the world?  
i have always been different.

so i am happy. yes. thanks for asking. 

and i know you have it in you too.. i just know it.

1 comment:

ZooMama said...

happiness vs joy. Why not happiness with joy? Thanks for sharing about choice over circumstance!