Saturday, April 11, 2009


that night. 

when their king , hero, teacher, rabbi, future. 
was brutally beaten and died.

they had to take all their hope off the cross and bury it.

the hope of a new kingdom
the hope of a savior
the hope of a new life

hard thing for them to walk through  
hard thing for them to understand

when i think about how God had to have his Son crucified to become what He wanted Him to be. i ponder the thought of how he loves me so much to expect me to walk through my own "crucifixion" to become what He wants me to be.  

oh that you my friend would NEVER lose sight of the eternal purpose that God wants for you.
let them talk.
let them slander.
let them stalk.
it might be your crucifixion.

and you and i both know..
hope comes in the morning.

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