Wednesday, April 8, 2009


can you believe it's almost down right summery here in iowa?  
can't believe it myself.
time for all things outside. i'm situating my garden right outside my window to the south. so that means whenever i'm on the computer i can glance up and see either my perfectly manicure garden full of great things..OR .. i will be looking out and seeing a garden desperately in need of some love and attention. My dad will be bringing the tractor and cultivator over this week sometime and diggin up the ground.. and then we are off to the races!  

i think i finally have my tony talked into helping with the chicken run. he has the whole weekend off. and recently we had the discussion of what to do with it. he thought i had an agenda. i didn't then, but looking at my future garden, makes me think of the chickens that will live right next door.  so i'm hoping that he's moved on that continuum of excitement to have fresh chicken eggs and meat.  we will be trying as hard as possible to be building the run with recycled material., not to be "green" but to save "green".. still praying a big chunk of chicken wire shows up... or the cats all disappear.. either one will work.

had my first library story time yesterday. it was fun, we had a good crowd of boys. that's kinda funny to me.. this next week has a bath time theme which i'm excited about. should be another great time.

i have to scoot now.. i'm a bit distracted by my laundry and the clothes pins that are screaming to get used.. i still have to make that clothes pin apron too.. and of course the world changers will be ravenous when they get off the yellow school bus so cookies are baking.

all in all?... it's another happy day... 

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