Saturday, April 25, 2009

cooped up.

i told you i had chickens.

i had been putting off getting them for a long time specifically for this day.

this day is the day that the chickens NEED to be moved to their outside home.

a home that hasn't been built yet. 

and IF it's going to be built..  it has to be by me.

and that faces me dead square in the face with something that i have been dealing with for a while.

it frustrates me to no end.
i'm an American. i can do it all.
i have the brains.
the ability.
and the time.
but i don't have 

the tools.

i have a new occupation.. but no tools.

how am i supposed to start or even finish without the tools?

heck. what tools do i need?

geeze... it's a silly chicken coop.. you'd think it would be simple.


Janelle said...

I can get you the tools!! I would have no idea how to use them :)

ZooMama said...

one does need the proper tools to do a good job. Best wishes on your endeavor!