Thursday, April 23, 2009

catch up.

whew.. tons has happened here at Happy Day.  got the garden started and dug out. just waiting to plant the darn thing on a not so windy day.. it's the biggest garden i have ever tried. and i am hoping to at least grow something. i did plant potatoes and the very big nuisance Bozley dug them all i replanted them.. again...

bozley.  yah. he's the dog a friend needed to find a temporary home to in a quick hurry.  he's a bit frustrating. like i needed another dog. in fact, my tony has informed me that we have too many animals. did i mention we have chickens?

20 of them. all looking nice and yummy. and those little things can eat eat eat.. they currently are making a mess of my garage in a cow tank.. but hopefully by this saturday they will be out in their new home.. all nice and safe... until we butcher them and serve up some yummy din dins .. i can hardly wait. 

last week tony and i took the world changers to a new church in the cities. LOOOVED it.. it's exactly what i think a church should be like. for the first hour we worshiped by singing and hearing the Word.. oh the beauty of seeing families worship together. THEN, the second hour children were dismissed to age appropriate classes and the adults and teens listened to the Word being preached..  my world changers did very well.. and we are still talking about what that preacher had to say.. i'm sure it's not a perfect church.. non are.. but it refreshed my soul!

after that we took the world changers to the zoo. it was rain rain raining... which means there was NO one there.. super uber fun fun fun.. we even took the monorail..and it was the world changers idea to sit in the quiet car.. no talking for 25 minutes.. shocking i know.. they did great.

all in all .. it's been another happy one! 

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