Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pursue Jesus.

This is what my front yard looks like. 

The worst drought in a decade some say. 

When crops struggle to get new moisture, they curls their tops and reach for the sky. Almost as if they are praying with all their might to have relief from the heat. 

It was on my walk 
(I have hurt my back making running not an option) 
where I noticed this image. 


A football field readied for the game.

But to get to the field from where I stood I needed to scale two fences, a track, and really dry grass.

It was almost as if the playing field was prepped and protected for future use...and my soul agreed. 

In my area there is a drought going on. This will inevitably lead to higher prices for food, and a whole host of other things we need for our daily living.. causing stress and anxiety. 

To be ready and prepared for the game during this drought.. you can be watered with the Water that will never run low. 
He will take care of those whom He calls His...He promises.

 Despite the drought.. pursue Jesus.

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