Wednesday, July 25, 2012

His story.

Gasp! Two posts in one week! EEK! ok calm down... you needn't fuss over this. It really is just a case of "oh my goodness, I'd better write that down, before I forget" kinda of deal. Only this deal is God's deal.. and I thought maybe it would encourage your soul. So without further ado.. Here's His story...

About 2-3 weeks ago a friend of a friend asked me to make a canvas she had fallen in love with. The original one was sold, which meant that I had to make another one, sorda like it. In that session in the studio I decided to make a few smaller canvases as well. Turns out, she ended up not wanting the one one I did for her, but two of the little ones. In her words, "I have no idea why, but I needed them both."

This friend's town was then turned upside down by an accident in which two littles died. Those littles were Cassidy Stehn, 9, of Northwood and Hana Riedinger, 12, of Kensett. Two little girls whom are missed very much. I knew neither of them, but when someone loses a little.. for some reason my heart bleeds with questions and how comes?  

A few days after the crash, I received this e-mail.

 I just have to tell you this know when I

 was looking at your "lovelies" and the blonde girl I

 bought just seriously called to me - I just KNEW I

 needed her......Now I know why - I am going to give 

that to the Stehn Family who lost their little girl

 Cassidy in that tragic accident - this is for them - and 

just makes me cry thinking that God knew that I

needed that particular one...........

He works in mysterious and wonderful ways  

Here's the deal. If I had my perfect world my canvases would never touch the walls of a mother who has lost a child, at any age, but since they do. I am grateful for the truth that they can see on a daily basis. God is still good, even in the horrible loss of a little. 

There was another little in the van that day of the accident. Her name is Destiny. She is still recovering in the hospital. Already there are many stories of tiny miracles surrounding her recovery, and for that I praise God. It was this past Thursday that I received a call from a dear friend of Destiny. She wanted a canvas to give to this little girl who is struggling and will no doubt struggle in the days to come when she realizes that two of her friends won't be in school when it starts in the fall. Destiny's reality is and will be hard.  When the words came... they felt strange and good at the same time. 

He will protect, guide and love you always. 
When you change. He will be the same...unchanging in His adoration of you. 

God speed Destiny. 
Many are praying for your full recovery. 


Karrie said...

Tears are falling, and God be praised. I love you Girl!!

Suz :) said...

Love it...and I know it will mean the world to her! Thanks for being such a great blessing to so many!