Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wanna join me for dinner? in Italy?

It's 6:09 pm and all the World Changers are sleeping. Can I just say that NEVER has happened before? I'm actually in shock! I even made another thing out of my recipe book this evening. Drats. THATS prolly why they chose to sleep. See those wonderful green things? 

I cut them big enough so you could take them out if you like. Tasty little bugers. mmmmmm... and since I got to relish in this dish all alone this evening. I'm going to tell you....

Don't waste your time making it. There are crock-pot versions out there I'm sure you'd love better. It wasn't horrible by any means, but had my World Changers been awake... they woulda hollered... and that makes me not so happy.

However, I am in the mood to show you some more pictures from our trip of a lifetime.. so let me introduce you to the Chianti region of Italy.. a definite highlight in my week.

Road to a medieval village we visited 

 the castle at the winery we went too. 

We had like a 18 course meal and a taste of the wine they produced here. 
It was fantastic in every sense of the word.

We even got a surprise "we have a few minutes before the ship leaves we might as 
well take a  trip into Pisa."  It's much smaller than the picture suggests... but I'm super glad we stared at this leaning building... you know beings its famous and all. 

then, we get dressed up again and have dinner. Speaking of dinner, I should go clean up the kitchen. 
Thanks for "eating" with me... can you come back when all the World Changers are up at 9 and entertain them? Please? 

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