Friday, September 2, 2011

nice is nice!

Ok, after a fabulous night out at formal night, vacation doesn't stop there... so let's go to Nice!! It's pronounced Neece. I didn't know either. I also didn't know it was a fantastic place on this earth.  If I had to pick one place to return to. It would be here.  France! 

mmmm.... REAL pizza.  

Flowers climbing the walls.. sooo lovely. 

Shops lined the streets of this medieval town. 

The Lead Singer found this fun little stairway on our way out. 
We just learned to trust his GPS. I'm certain he can't get lost. Ever. 

 Feet in the Mediterranean Sea anyone? 

and of course... a pre-dinner shot of the sunset as we are leaving France. 

By the morning, we will be docked in Italy!  I'm still trying to absorb that we actually DID this.

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