Wednesday, June 8, 2011

smiley things.

Every once in a while you have to just go out on a limb and carefully explain some things.. so here is my attempt to help you realize what made me smile in the Bahamas... enjoy! 

#1- the Lead Singer
Hands down the best man ever for me. I decided after getting in a knock down drag out fight the day we got back from the Bahamas that we are the best lovers and fighters I know. No one on the face of the planet could ever treat me as well as you do.. and no one on this planet could make me seethe like you do.... I just love you.

#2 I love love love to dance, but it always seems like I have to drag the always chatty Lead Singer away from a convo to dance with me, which he always does thankfully.. 
 However, this lovely couple was first on the dance floor.... and yes I followed. 

It was almost as much as dancing in the kitchen of my new local friends... almost.

#3- Goombay Smash's and squirrel food. 
(Did you know that there are no squirrels in Nassau?  shame..)

#4-  This man pictured in the most gorgeous shirt ever was from Indiana I think. He's a sales rep winner like the Lead singer only he has 10 kiddos at home. I have a great friend I haven't seen in 20 years and this man is his long lost brother.. I'm pretty sure.  He's super fun.. so was his sweet wife.

 #5- I love and adore the company that sponsored our trip that the Lead Singer won. I sat next to the head of the company one night for dinner. She's normal and I like that.  I however didn't like the matching shirts... but when it's free.. you smile and try to enjoy. right?

#6- Wine from a bag hand delivered to me. For me and only for me. and I didn't even spill.. I think.

 #7- Conversations about all the great things that can happen when your people watching.  Makes me want to grab some milk and cookies and sit for a spell.

#8 and #9- This woman is the whole reason we even got to go on the trip.
She's the one who filled all the paperwork, and when she tells the story about how she only wanted to hear the Lead Singer's name when they announced the winners.. she tears up every time.  I will be forever thankful to her and her gumption that allowed us to be blessed.
and you see that camera she's holding???
that's a D7000... I've been drooling over it for a while now and I had wanted to shoot one prior to actually getting one (as if that will every happen... haha) 
She let me play with it for a spell.. and it was good. So very good.

#10- not dying on a water slide... and having enough guts to go down this one. 
(ok that makes me smile today...) 

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