Tuesday, June 7, 2011

filling the family album.

I prayed and prayed that I wouldn't have to use  the line 
"What happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas"

To bring glory to a God that saved me and created all 
even while on a free trip was my own challenge I laid out before God. 

I suppose that's what had me wondering aloud while tubing down
 a river what it must be like to be lost at sea.

All four of them actually live in the Bahamas. 

yeah.. like 24/7 all the time. 
Lucky ducks.

I met the boys briefly tubing down the river, 
as I wondered aloud what it must be like to be lost at sea.
Then they tried to convince me 
that I really needed to go up the scary belt thingy 
and plunge to my death in the Power of Tower.

um... nope. I bailed.... and thought them weird. 

Then it's as if God said... 
this friendship needs to happen.

We meet again in the lobby while sitting on hideous furniture that very night.
Seeing each other, we both think.
 Could that be them? Could I be that same lady floating down the river?
They call us over.. I bail to the bathroom... the Lead Singer stays and chats...the giggling starts. 

It never dawned on me that they might kill us as they gave us a tour of the island.
I laughed the whole stinking way as I learned that 
Radios are made different in foreign Fords (or maybe not?) 
  Walmarts are called Kelly's 
Front doors really need to be shut
She's gunna blow!!.. really doesn't mean your gunna die. 

 I giggled myself to sleep. 

The next day we were instructed to be at the 

"pool where everybody bees"

Yes, I know that the above pic is not it, but we didn't really know where "everyone bees.." 

but God in His goodness.. led us right to them amongst the sea of people.

and we giggled the whole day while getting wingie in the pool and the river.

That night we continued the fun.

They take the Lead Singer and I to a place downtown to eat. A local place... yummizilla.

It's here at a restaurant called Twin Brothers we pray.
It's here at the restaurant called Twin Brothers we all know we worship the same God.
and I personally know 
that God's plan for me while on this vacation  
was to enjoy His gift of His people.

Tears flowed freely when my new brother played and
 sang worship songs Bahamian style late into the night in his very own attic.
Same tunes... different words.... same God being praised.

God's gifts just kept coming and coming, and I at that moment felt 
very unworthy to even be a part of His gifts. His good and perfect gifts. 
The gift of a free trip to meet people who will forever be in my family album.

I missed them the moment they dropped us off, but I'm certain that maybe someday God would have us meet again.. somewhere... even if it's on the pearly streets of Heaven.  

I can't wait. It will be better than the Dairy Queen drive thru... 

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