Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Facebook check up.

well, it's been 6 weeks, time for an honest assessment of the why and the how I'm doing while being off facebook.  i wish i could tell you that i don't miss it like i did last month. i DO miss the people. i guess that's the whole reason Facebook was started. i miss my college friends out west, my family up in north, my sister-in-laws. i miss laughing so hard at daisyman and his antics that my morning cereal flies onto the screen. i miss all the good people from Kansas. yes, that includes a Fletcher or two, and i even miss in a sick sort of way the liberal trucker that annoys me with anti Palin comments.  it's the people i miss, so i guess Facebook is successful in that regard.

 In times of "boredom" when i just have a few minutes to burn. which happen mostly in the car while I'm waiting for a world changer to finish some school function, i find myself reaching for my phone like always, and playing a game of farkel. which really in some respects isn't all that different from Facebook, except that well, Farkel doesn't talk back.

so i guess the point i'm trying to process with you is that it's not about Facebook anymore for me.  It's about using my time wisely and productively. yes, i have gotten a ton of stuff. yes, i have gotten closer to friends by meeting face to face, and actually talking on the phone.  yes, it's been worth it. yes, yes. yes. And if i'm completely honest, i'm going to have to say that i'm done with facebook forever.

God didn't intend for us to sit and develop meaningful relationships through a screen.  He intended for us to take the time and dig deep and talk about what's really inside. What we are struggling with, what we are rejoicing about. Having real friends who know more than the surface stuff is what God wants and blesses.

i knew this before, but as i'm sure a bazillion people do, i got caught up in the hype of finding and reconnecting with people all over the country. Is that bad? heck no. however, it is bad if you rely on those relationships as your only source of friendship, you miss out on the blessing that God gives you when you meet face to face. There is a whole generation that doesn't know how to look a person in the eye and talk, because facebooking is easier, and quicker. But really, it's not better. i now know that i'd rather have a 20 minute conversation with you face to face than a day long chat on Facebook.

and if you live in a place where i can't chat face to face with you at least once a week, God might someday cross our paths again and we will laugh and giggle to our hearts content, and we can talk about eternal matters of the heart.

i promise.

(oh and go vote today!!)


Anonymous said...

Are you certain that God doesn't use Facebook? That somehow, the message I received the other day could be EXACTLY what I needed? You know the one....All I have to do is send it to 10 more friends and God will come through for me in some way?
Possibly I should rethink the "I want Brad Childress Fired" Fan Page ?? (OK, being curious, I just looked that up and there already is a fan page with 18,656 fans!!) crazy!

It sounds like you've made the right decision!

kelly said...

you should just call the coaches and tell them your changing your wardrobe...