Monday, December 21, 2009

weekend in review.

retired after 37 years of work.

got mauled by the littlest cousins.

met the most beautifulest little in the whole world.
i secretly wanted to steal this one.

but this guy who i ran into at wally world after not seeing for
13 years, prolly would have had a major fit... daddy's tend to do that.

took middle world changer to a birthday party

played with birthday girls little brother at my house while party was in progress

met my cousins's new bride.. decided that i love her.

met the taco salad flinging champ of the weekend.

admired the ring of my lead singer's bff.

decided that praying and listening and talking all at the same time
gives you a REALLY big headache.

attended church while sitting at a table.

said later pater to our senior pastor and his family.

spent an afternoon with the youth group
and way too much money at the mall of america

listened to my vikings blow it.

and then crashed into a stupor to wake up and find this..

maybe i'll put some in their stockings.. or maybe i'll just smile more.

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