Thursday, December 24, 2009


i'm hesitant to write today. it's an important day on so many levels. here's why...

#1....WHOOHOO!!!! it's my 100th post!! when i started this last january i was so sure i didn't have anything to share that was earth shattering, i was soooooo very scared to even push send, that first post just sat there for about 2 hours. funny, only when you go back and read the two sentences that i thought were so important. the most important thing however that has kept me going are the side comments either through facebook, or in texts, or in even in person. my words have been used, and for that i'm thankful. so, thanks for sticking around and living life with me, giving me grace and mercy to share with you my simple yet complex heart. thank you to you my readers... you make my day!

#2... it's Christmas Eve. that alone is enough for a post. but i actually feel i'm ready for Christmas.. i even have all my gifts wrapped! which is SO not like me.

#3... today we are having "epic" weather... apparently a foot of snow is quite unusual for Christmas Day... who knew?

#4... i woke up in another country. ok so not really. i still live here in the USA. but i'm not feeling it's so united. they passed health care reform this morning, and i believe and know it's wrong on so many levels. so i pray for so many that will have their eyes opened, if ever we get to actually read this bill they have voted on... and see the truth after the fact. it will change America, but not in the way we want. ultimately, i believe God will have the last say, and if this is one step closer to having Jesus come get me.... then i pray that i'm prepared to help my neighbor through what maybe our darkest time before our home-going.

well, i hope and pray that you have a fantastic time with your family.. and if you live in the midwest.. drive safe!

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