Saturday, August 1, 2009


there is this young adult who comes into the library quite frequently just to visit. he's a super sweet kid and i love him to death.

death... i guess maybe i should have used another word.
he's had a few near death experiences. it's his heart. it just doesn't work so well, to put it simply.

so anyways, he comes in today and just seems bored.

i ask "do you have any hobbies?"

he says.. " i collect lord of the ring cards"

i say. " do you want to learn to knit?"

"well, i suppose i could do that, can you teach me?"

" um....sure i can... "

looking back it was a simple conversation that lasted meer minutes, but now i'm praying that i can actually teach someone to knit...


Anonymous said...
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carlylennox said...

Imagine if he turns out to be a knitting whizz! Maybe it's fate lol!
Sorry, my last comment needed a link :)

Unknown said...

yeah, you can do it. If not, it'll be a laughable experience that you'll both remember always.