Thursday, August 20, 2009

please listen!

seems like i have had to push the button in world changer trainer mechanisms over and over and over since birth. it's the "please listen" button. i hate it. i wish just once they'd listen and respond appropriately. it gets very very very tiring telling someone they need to brush their teeth, pick up their socks, and or even please change your clothes.

i have only myself to blame, i'm one of those uber relaxed mommies who really aren't harping on my world changers constantly, but i do expect them to be human and at least want to smell nice. i tend to be creative and flexible and in any environment: including chaos.

which is why i don't blame my world changers for not being great listeners. i trained them not to be. i trained them to question authority and to only pick those things that are most important and do them really well. Who cares if my room is messy?? as long as i can find clean clothes... who cares if i have a bad hair day? that's why they made hats!...did i set out to train them intentionally??.. heck no. everyone loves a compliant kid who does what they are told..

i'm not raising kids.

i'm raising world changers.

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