Sunday, May 10, 2009


have you ever been on a cruise ship?

before you go you have to buy the right clothes due to the change in climate your hoping to experience. you dream of the all night pizza buffet and the burgers at 4 in the afternoon, the drink of the day special in that funny cup, and of course the fact that every minute there are tons of people paid to make your life on the boat.. a dream. easy sailing. nothing ever is wrong that they can't fix. perfectly choreographed all for your comfort. then when you get on the boat. the place is magically lit up with colors and scents.. excitement builds as it reaches deep down in your being and makes you sigh and say.. "this is the life." and you forget all the problems and issues back home, and somewhere during your stay on the ship you relax and unwind. then you leave the ship... great memories, but you life doesn't change.

have you ever been to a church that looks and feels like a cruise ship? and you wonder if your the only one who notices?

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Unknown said...

yeah. A pastor that I know compares the cruise ship with the aircraft carrier. One one, as you said, you are comfy, but you never change, and you always go back to the same place. On the carrier, those that board are preparing for something to happen, then many of the people on board, get on a plane and go to a mission, then, they come back to the ship, which has moved forward in the mean time, and everyone keeps moving to make sure everything is ready to go. Not to stay. Not to eat. Not to sleep. To Go. Love your post. I hope you have lots of readers on this one.