Friday, May 29, 2009

Changing the World.... slowly.

it's 7:41 and my world changers are still sleeping. 
must be the first day of summer.
so i thought i'd share with you today about the plans i have for them...  

world changers daily stuff...
1. weed their "plot" of the garden
2. spend 30 minutes or more reading whatever they want
3. their pick up the floor before we go to bed chore.
4. we will work diligently on the ever present dish issue. 
5. swim... lots.

World Changers once a week stuff....
1. wash, dry, put away laundry (they each get a day)
2. mow the lawn.
3. spend LOTS of time on their summer projects.
oldest wants to "make something that goes at least 25 miles and hour,
 has 4 wheels,and a key."  
middle wants to sew her quilt
baby wants to learn to swim.. um.. ok! 
4. do one major clean chore- like wash the kitchen floor..etc..

if only half of this gets done.. i will still be a happy mommy. summer just doesn't last long enough.