Friday, July 1, 2011

3 years ago today.

 Hedged in you walk. Carefully moving. Step by step. You know the path leads to somewhere, and that someday you'll get there, but for today. you just walk. Walk. Walk.  You smell the freshness around you.  Green. Growth. Life. Thankfulness fills your heart for the hard decisions of others that forced you onto this path in the first place. It's not easy to throw someone into an uncharted course.

I had to actually look up the day to be sure it was today and I love that. 

I sat on the couch in the zone. A place where I had come to know that I was safe.  Determining inside my heart that I was going to attempt the long walk through the welcome center and into the worship center and actually sit through a whole service,  but before I did I called out to the God who knows and my Bible falls open to Haggai and my eyes fall on Chapter 2 verse 9.

"The latter glory of this house shall be greater that the former, says the Lord of hosts. And in this place I will give peace, declares the Lord of hosts." 

He listens. 
He cares. 
He leads.
 He waits. 
He moves. 
He loves.
 He gives.
 He takes. 
He knows.
 He is peace.

and I'll not stop praising Him. Ever. 


Karmen said...

I love this and your walk. Keep walking girl!

kelly said...

thanks karmen with a "k!"