Tuesday, June 28, 2011

creating a left brain.

   Fortunately they love to create as much as their auntie. It's like story time at the library and happyday at a daycare all wrapped up into one. Since the girls are here all day we have the chance to create some stuff that needs to dry, but then finish the project in the same day. That is the real whipped cream! No glitter in the car, red paint on the floor.. pictures laying in the sun..heck there isn't even a time frame I need to worry about!  Taking home finished works of art is so much more fun than "the hurry up.. it's the process, not the product" fun that I often get to do with littles. 

I sit, almost every morning after my run. Painstakingly trying to develop the left half of my brain. A book lay open on my lap.. and I read the Word through the looking glass of redemption. It takes all that is in me not to skim, get the just, and move onto something a bit more right brainy. Where lines aren't straight, and colors mingle dangerously close to each other, a place where I love to live.

I'm comfortable in my right brain clothes. I bend. I mend. I process through the wavy and the muddle mess of life with my gift of creating.. and I accept that the Creator made me like that.  I think mostly because He's like that.  He creates. that's what He does best... right?

There is a whole realm of beings that control and rule this world that I want nothing to do with. They don't create. They destroy. They take what was once good and perfect and make it horrible and ugly. The ring leader is Satan himself, and he wants you to believe that you have no hope. No chance. No life. No beautiful... and he wins often in the heart and minds of those who don't acknowledge him.  Simply knowing Satan's 100% for you to be as far away from God as possible, is as important as using butter instead of margarine in baking homemade cookies.

While I read and study the bible in light of our redemption.. I can't help think that God created structure to save me from the ugliness of life.  A completely right brained idea to send a Savior in a manger for all people to be saved.. that's hedged inside a great big left brained structure that's laced with rules and structure to the core for our benefit.

Developing the non-dominate side of your brain is completely scary, yet opens your world up to so many more possibilities of the depths of love that God has for us. A love that really knows no bounds. A love that conquers all. A love that's as fragrant as the flowers... and just beautiful. A love that is structured and meant to be legally for you. God intended us to live with both sides of our brains alive and fully active. 

 In learning to use the other side of your brain it is defiantly about the process, not the product but without the hurry up.  Kinda like art at aunties. 

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