Saturday, February 21, 2009

creating an adventure

i have a touch of "spazness"... yes that's a word. trust me. if you have it you do know what i'm talking about. if you don't well... you will never understand.... just trust me. it's probably the reason you can't really ever "get me"

so this "spazness" leads to random things that i must accomplish.. so someday when i'm sitting in the nursing home talking to my buddies.. i will never be able to say " i wish i would have done that...." i would rather say " i tried and failed" to me it's a much better story..and certainly more interesting

so what adventure am i seeking now???

it starts with me having WAY too much time on my hands lately and a cute little pixie.. who thinks i got skills.. .

and i feel very inadequate.

and if i'm completely honest i suffer from a tad bit of low self worth.. being told over and over again your "just different" is hard on a person..

and one transfers that to all areas of life.. until you think one day that your uniqueness is bad..

instead of God given ...

and your scared to try new things because you might fail and then those who told you your different are right..

so i just refuse to play the game.. so... i don't lose nor do i feel like i failed.

but this pixie.. she tells me i got skills... and its her belief in me that makes me crazy enough to think i might be able to pull it off.

so.. for the next four weeks i will be busy creating things to sell in a local mall.

of course... i'm hoping to sell out.

but if no one buys anything..

i will have made great gifts for my friends... and..

i will have tried and that makes for a much better story inside and out.

"For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all." 2 Corinthians 4:17

(the nursing home perspective was from the pixie as well... thanks pix :).. can you say annoyingly encouraging?)

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ZooMama said...

Awesome! You ARE different. Not JUST different. You didn't have the hope of Jesus at some point, you do now. You are allowing Jesus Christ to transform you from what you were to what he created you to be!
Good for you for getting out there. You are awesomely creative, and good at what you set your hand to.