Monday, June 18, 2012

so i dance.

This canvas makes me smile. It's still on my wall, I am almost certain that the ones that don't sell right away are for my walk, and until the truth is nailed in my soul the canvas won't sell. 
So, this one still hangs above my rocking chair where I read and study. 
A constant reminder that I can do nothing but dance, God's love does the rest. 

So, I dance... a wedding in a winery. 
The day went perfectly. The bride was lovely and made sure the details were just as stunning as her dress. Oh the dress.... being a second (sometimes third) shooter photographer I walk in not knowing a soul. I am privy to real emotion in strangers. When this bride put her dress on.... we cried together. She was high class inside and out. A delightful day.

.....and I dance....

... in the studio. 
A commission from a very young mom of 5 babies. A present for her husband on Father's Day. A constant reminder to be hung for all to see that life is to be intentional in their family. Inspired by her faith I feel renewed energy to be close to the Father. Strangers turned friends over the internet. I'm asking God to put our mansions on the same side of town in Gloryland, and I keep dancing... the tune of the Spirit.  
Which rises above all of the other melodies in my world, unless it doesn't... 
and that's where I am today. Frustrated with myself for once again forgetting or pushing away my first love amidst the chaos of summer. Echos of my brothers words again and again.. grace Kelly, give yourself grace.

... and I  stop for a bit, spin around, pick up the Word... and dance again.

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