Tuesday, December 20, 2011

love is baked.

They needed cookies, but I'm not convinced they realized that making cookies took all day. 

Cracking eggs, learning the abbreviations for measurements, washing dishes. 
It all was a process. A messy baking process. 

In the end, we had cookies. Yummy cookies. 

 I hear a ton of talk about the absence of snow in our little corner of the world. I'll agree snow is a wonderful thing at Christmas time, however I wonder if the lack of snow means the abundance of something else we miss when we look at what we don't have. Like the lack of cookies means you need to get together with friends and intentionally bake some.  

Of course it's a process that might take all day... perhaps longer. 
Just focus on what you do have, call a few friends and in the midst of the mess 
you just might see God showing His glory to you. 

And when your cookies are done, you can be thankful and share them 
with friends who need some fresh baked cookies. 

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