Friday, November 25, 2011

the painting i would have missed.

I  can appreciate a great bargain, and truth be told my sisters and I spent hours yesterday talking shopping plans and whats on sale and who opens when. The Lead Singer LOVES black Friday. He's our go-to man on anything related. He loves a deal more than anyone I know and he left this morning with my dad to hit boy stores. Um.... no desire to go with them. Hmmm they didn't even invite me come to think of it. Gosh, I hope that doesn't mean my Christmas present is coming from Cabela's.  Naw.. they don't have fabric there.. the Lead Singer is smarter than that, but I digress..

Well, I woke up this morning well rested. We ended up not attending the very early morning deals and are opting to shop locally today. Shop locally, what a great plan. There are some great people in our town that supply some great things capable of gift giving. Shopping locally is not a high calling. It just makes sense. However, this in and of itself, isn't the reason that we chose to not stay up all hours galavanting with the rest of the city to get the best deals of the year. Nope.

It was the wind.


Unseasonably warm, yet windy.

The wind, plain and simple.

That's not an excuse. My sister just didn't want to go out into the wind and I really don't blame her. I normally hate the wind, but this morning I am thanking her.  Had we went shopping, I would have been sleeping this morning when the skies turned bright pink with the first kisses of the sun.

When I'm remembering the good 'ole days I want to remember sunrises that God uses my favorite color to paint with... not the 200 bucks I saved on something fleeting.

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