Thursday, December 9, 2010

theory of words.

Maybe I haven't given it much time, and maybe I'm just being silly, but logging onto Facebook after 12 weeks has really taken a ton of effort. I appreciate all the sweet birthday wishes that were there when I logged on last Wednesday. I love the fact that I am winning in the Scrabble game I am playing. And wow, dear sweet friends of mine that I just love to pieces are there, so WHY can't i get my Facebook MOJO back?

here's my theory.

For the last 12 weeks, every spare minute I have had...
at every stoplight.
every 10 minutes waiting in the car for my world changers.
every night before I lay down to sleep.
every morning before my  feet hit the floor.
I soaked in Words from His book.

I replaced the times on Facebook I was used to spending, with time with God. 

So, I really think the question for me comes down to...

 What do I want to eat?

God's Words 
Facebook words.

One is a Life Giving FEAST.
the other, well. it's McDonalds.

for me the choice is simple.
and if you don't think so... maybe you need to look at what words your reading more of.  


Anonymous said...

Lovely and inspirational. :-)

Carrie Troe said...

Wow - very beautifully spoken - you have given me something to think about today!!!

Suz said...

yep - so true...and sometimes, it's not even McDonalds! You're so wonderful with written words, Kelly. Thanks for the thoughts to ponder and act on!!

kelly said...

did you know comments make my heart happy?? :) thanks for blessing me today!

Karrie said...

Forget Marylou! You may be the next Beth! I love your heart!

Anonymous said...

My heart has been pulled in the same direction lately. Thanks for the inspiration glad you logged in today!!:)