Tuesday, September 21, 2010


a small lump, portion, or amount.
  • been busy cleaning the house. man, it's easy to say it's clean, but a whole other thing to actually go look and see for yourself. if being off Facebook has done one thing, it's made me face the state of my house... holy smokers. yesterday, i got the upstairs mostly clean.. still have windows before we totally cover them all in plastic for the winter.. i hate that, but old farm houses require it, unless you run around 24/7 in your snowsuit to stay warm.

  • walked out to take the kids to school yesterday. the chickens were sitting on my doorstep, which you recall is normally the cat's area... at least a chicken can fly when i kick it. cats... well, never mind.

  • i picked this book up in a hurry, a girl needs to have her hair colored at my age, and i have one of those fantastic hairdressers that just let me sit and read. love that. i was really surprised that i actually liked this book. it's about the cycle of domestic abuse. some painful things to read, but the author really does a great job of helping you picture the abuse, and also the ending.. which i'm not going to spoil. it is a true story, which makes it difficult to read at times, but ya know, although abuse is never ok. i know some pretty special people in my life that have broken the abuse cycle in their own families with God's help. All in all, it's just a great reminder that people deal with "stuff" that might be different than your "stuff", but it doesn't make them any different in the eyes of the Creator.

  • the BEST cake i have ever eaten. not because it's made from a box, or that the frosting is in the right places.. it's because the baker and artist of this particular cake is an amazing woman of God who sells herself short all the freaking time. and i just want the world to know that she's one of the most beautiful women i know and love, but i'm sorry you can't eat a piece of the cake.. it was yummmy.

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