Friday, November 13, 2009

little buttons.

so i was out running for the past two mornings. and it's freeeezing out so i put on layers and layers, and then i put on my ipod. and layer some more. it's really quite the process.

now my particular ipod is actually my phone. and when a call comes in you can answer it, if your wearing the right head phones, the music fades and you hear the ringtone, then you press a little button on the headphones and your talking through that little button, and listening through your earphones. easy peasy. well, here's what i'm talking about...

see the difference? yah. that little button links you to the world when your layered up and out of breath when a call comes in. of course you hope that a call doesn't come in, but it often happens.

for the past two mornings i have had calls come in, and i was wasn't wearing the headphones with the button.. so i practically had to strip to answer the call, not to mention stopping to do it. just would have been easier for all involved, me.. to be using the little button headphones.. you know the one with the direct line.

Got me thinking that i'd like to have a constant little button on my thoughts for God. So available that i wouldn't have to take anything off to listen or talk to Him.. constantly available so when He says. "move" i would immediately hear him. when he says, "be still" i would hear and obey.... and continue running closer to Him.

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Unknown said...

LOVE your analogy! Thanks for sharing.