Wednesday, October 7, 2009

playing again.

what do you get when you wrap your grandma's yarn rapidly around a cardboard piece?

apples of course, so much fun! you can find the original idea here!!

as if those apples weren't sweet and cute enough...

we made play dough that smelled like mulled cider.
(you can find that here!)

so much fun today at happyday!
what are you doing fun to make your own happyday!?!?


Janelle said...

Those apples kind of look like pumpkins :) well the orange ones do,

Morgan said...

How did they like the smell of the playdough?

kelly said...

yes..i know the orange one looked like a pumpkin, but i needed 7 different skeins of yarn.. and orange was the 7th.. good call babe!

a few of them wanted to eat the play dough it smelled so good. however, the daycare provider was the real winner.. she had a super smelling daycare room!

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

So cute, they turned out great. Thanks for linking!