Thursday, March 29, 2012

and this is why.

Enter a list.   I know a blogger no-no.. but deal.  Here are the reasons I hate running.

  1. I'm slow
  2. I'm very slow
  3. The weather isn't always cooperative.
  4. It takes time out of my creative days.
  5. It's boring.
  6. My body screams at me "this is dumb" in the process. 
  7. Did I mention that I am slow? 
There. Seeing that list, I'm betting your wondering why I DO run.   

  1. I run because God says to take care of his temple, and I am that temple. 
  2. I run because if I had to choose between the three things (details, math and running) I am most horrible at.. to get better.. at I pick running. 
  3. I run because growing in an area isn't supposed to be fun all the time. It's work.. and boy is running work for my brain and body. 
  4. I run because I like to train my brain to rely on the truth. Truth is that running is good for you, cheap and exciting.. honestly most days my mantra is .. one more step.. one more step. 
  5. I run because there may be an emergency some day where I am required to run for a great distance to seek help or shelter.
  6. I run because if I run for 30+ minutes. I can be done with my workout for the day. 
  7. I run because just once I want to finish a 1/2 marathon to say I did it. 
  8. I run because it requires no details or math to accomplish. 
  9. I run because I have no desire to somedays, but I know if I do lace up my shoes and get out the door in whatever weather there is.  My heart will thank me and my soul will be refreshed, and God will be pleased, and that makes me happy. 
Basically it's a self discipline thing... and that's why I run.. and if you made it through this horrible post about a subject you could really care less about.. your reward is that you can see what the Lead Singer made for me.. isn't he just grand?? It's my new logo.. for things yet to be created! YEAH!!! 

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