Tuesday, October 4, 2011

meanwhile back in Rome..

It's true. What they say about seeing Rome in a day. It's impossible. Tourist are herded in and out of ancient ruins and beautiful art all awhile capturing images that just don't ever do the enormity of the city any justice. There are people everywhere. When you comment the locals say.."that's just how Rome is." 

I lack so much knowledge about Rome, that irritated me the whole day. If only history was taught creatively.. I might have caught it. You can tell by the images that it was a whirl wind day, but I'd go back in a heart beat. Rome is amaxing. 

standing in ROME! It's hard to really grasp that! 

It was just all so big and beautiful... art.

This is the ticket that let us have a fast forward into the next place... I have never seen so many people in one spot in one line.. That ticket was a total gift from my brother in law. who we affectionately called Rick Steve.. it pays to do you homework! 

and this next place was the Colosseum.... such a strange feeling to know your standing in the same place that many Christians died for their faith.. by FAR the best experience in Rome. Here's a few more images... 

The line we waited in to get into the Basilica. It was HOT. 

once in.. it was full of people and religion. 

What fun to be standing on the Appian Way. I'd like to be there today and not doing this...

ok, enough stalling.. have a Happyday!!! 

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