Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Approved by God.

 Friends come to visit and I make excuses for the ugly thing. 
"It's comfortable, try it."

 People around me are afraid to tell me about how dreadful it is. 
My really good friends even come over and enjoy it, and they try to convince me to get rid of it.
I tell them, "I like it." enough times and they leave the matter alone. 

 Those who live in the same house have gotten used to it being around, 
even though they never really liked it.. it has become "family."

Then one day, I haul it out to the front yard and I set it on fire. 
A passerby asks if they need to call 911. 
I tell her heck no.. as I take pictures of my couch melting under the fire.

I burn couches I dislike on a whim, and I'm ok with the world knowing. 

(and God approves of this message, because He approves of me!)

1 comment:

Karrie K said...

Praise God that thing is gone!!!!!